Dung sort it out

Chelychelynechen , meaning turtle-jawed goose, had a large, heavy bill like that of a tortoise , while the other two genera, Thambetochen and Ptaiochen , all had serrations in their bills known as pseudoteeth, similar to those of mergansers . All species were flightless and large, with an average mass of 4– kg (– lb).

Lesson Plan Note: Dung Beetles are a great partner subject with Ancient Egyptian culture. Find some of the old myths about Dung Beetles and have your student’s illustrate it. If the class is high school, then have them write an essay on the role of a Dung Beetle in Egyptian folklore.

Robocallers invade our homes and privacy. They circumvent the Do Not Call list. And they cost us real money – an estimated $350 million a year is lost to phone scams.

Dung Sort It OutDung Sort It OutDung Sort It OutDung Sort It Out